La Suite D'amour Du Chat Noir

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La Suite D'amour Du Chat Noir
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黒猫恋愛組曲 |  A Black Cat's Suite of Love |  Kuroneko Renai Kumikyoku |  The Black Cat's Love Suite
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Drama Fantasy Horror Romance
Black Cat's Love Suit Life is good for the Witch and the Black Cat. Well that is until the Witch dies. Now the Cat is left alone. But wait, something happened! It seems that the Cat is now a human! And even stranger yet, she is lying next to a human boy! ~Love_Blossom The Forest of Memories Tamaki Asabuki dreams of a shady character following her everynight. One day, she woke up and everything appears as if there hasn't been much human movement in her house. She is confronted by Sakaki Hio, a mysterious man whom she thought was the shady character in her dream. Who is Sakaki and what does he know? The Midsummer's Silver Dream Chiaki is a weak girl and has been staying home for all her life. She heard the doctor say that she probably wont live up to 18! Depressed, she walks down the corridor of her mansion but stumbles into a room. She's heard rumors about this room before. They say that a vampire lives here. But that's just an old myth...right? ~Love_Blossom The Ice's Temperature [cont of Midsummer's Silver Dream] Natui, a vampire meets a nun named Sakiko. He seems fond of her and they both start getting to know each other. As they talk, a shadow lurks in the distance, smiling while looking at Natui. Who is the man in the shadows? And what does he have to do with Natui? ~Love_Blossom The Maze, The Color of Time Kaya and Kawakubo got into a fight while at the movies. Frustrated, Kaya leaves. When she gets home, she realizes that breaking up with him was a mistake. Oh how she wished she could go back in time and avoid the argument. But what happens when a witch comes and says she can grant that wish? ~Love_Blossom
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