Affiliated Teams

Le 18 juil. 2021 par rustik

Good evening to all,

Following some abuses noticed by the MK staff as to the respect of the terms of use of the site, we have decided to make some changes in our TOS.
So, we are going to integrate an affiliation system so that the site stays up to date on the projects that are available there.

This system is set up to not penalize the teams that have supported us so far, it is divided into three points; how to affiliate your team, what are the benefits and what can lead to a unilateral revocation of the affiliation, these points are respectively described below:

o   Become  an affiliated Team :

§  Have a representative on the MK

§  Let the Team be active

§  Seniority requirement on MK (minimum 3 months activity on MK)

§  Staff validation

o   Affiliate advantage :

§  Right to up to 2 chapters of lag with her Team site (provided a pace of 1 chapter every 2 weeks of lag max)

§  Right to post option " Team only "

o   Affiliate review :

§  Doesn't meet the 2-chapter maximum offset

§  Explicit ads for competing sites (LeL's site) in comments, in chapters or elsewhere on the site

-       We are changing our TOS regarding the uupload chapters for a more advanced project:

o   In the event that a project is more significantly advanced by another Team than the one that has the rights to the form, MK reserves the right to update the project. Exception made for affiliated Teams.

To become an affiliate contact a staff member by private message so that your request can be processed.